Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israeli Butchery Continues

The response to the "Cancer" that is Hezbollah has been on par with a response one would expect from a deranged trainee butcher. Sliced, diced and thrown into the pressure cooker - the master nods approvingly - "well done son, you can go home now - never mind the mess". The master – America, The mess - Beirut and the Trainee responsible for it all? Answers on a postcard. While the pitiful Katusha rockets fall harmlessly in the sea off the Haifa Coast (this, apparently, is worthy of a Sky "Breaking News" bulletin, the hourly missiles responsible for innocent deaths in Lebanon, isn’t) the "precision guided" bombs continue to pound Beirut, the Lebanese continue to flee in their hundreds of thousands and the International community continue to watch in horror, as the Israeli military machine ups the ante.

"We are not against the people of Lebanon, we are against Hezbollah" seems to be the mantra of this Israeli onslaught. In what can only be described as an act of flagrant
ignorance, our very own Margaret Becket agrees. She insists that the goal in this latest episode of Israeli aggression, is to help the Lebanese government take full control
of the country. Oh, pardon our ignorance. How courteous of Israel. Perhaps she can elaborate. Perhaps she could let us know how exactly, the bombing of the state owned LBC television station is helping the people of Lebanon. Perhaps she can let us how destroying roads, villages, and communication networks is helping the orphans created by the Middle East’s terror state. Yes, I’m sure the Lebanese prime minister is drafting his thank you card as we speak, and I'm equally sure that the Ehud Olmert will find that the card was printed in Damascus, thus confirming Hezbollah’s link with the Syrians.

The Anglo-American response to this all, has, as usual, been as lob-sided as an Ariel Sharon mounted see-saw. With unequivocal support of Israel, coupled with equal amounts of condemnation and disdain for the unholy threesome that is Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. For you see, Israel are just innocent bystanders in this debacle. It was Hezbollah who occupied territory illegally, it was is Hezbollah who have thousands upon thousands of innocent Israelis locked up in prisons, it is Hezbollah that launched a scud missile onto an Israeli beach, leaving a 10 yr old girl crying over her fathers dead body. Yes, it was all Hezbollah’s fault - everything is, including George Bush's lack of intellect and my alarmingly rapid hair loss.

And what of the Ceasefire? A ceasefire that could prevent the mass slaughter, a ceasefire that will bring an end to the violence, a ceasefire that would allow much needed aid into Lebanon - what of this ceasefire? Supported by all, bar the US (read Israel) and it's proxies. Untenable. Counterproductive. To quote America's second lady, "A false promise" for peace. A Ceasefire would last only months Condoleezza Rice insists, it would be pointless. For her, for Blair, for Olmert, there is only one solution to the crisis - the destruction of Hezbollah, and the destruction of anything that stands in the way of their most honorable of crusades. And when Hezbollah is destroyed, and the orphans pick up the rubble in Beirut, they will know who was responsible for the wanton destruction of their country, and from there, will arise the next wave of Hezbollah fighters - the cycle will continue, and all of Israel’s efforts, would have been in vain. Will we ever see peace?

As I write this, reports are emerging of Mr. Blair "urging restraint" from Israel - that, according to The Guardian, is a kin to criticism of Israeli action. Excuse me? My sister urges her 3 year old to show restraint. “Urging restraint” isn’t criticism, it is loving advice.

Pray for peace.

Monday, July 10, 2006

THAT Headbutt...

Zidane is a bloody hero, he really is. I wholeheartedly applaud any man who has the courage to headbut somebody on international TV in front of a worldwide audience of billions. Kudos to the man...Admitedly, I was shocked at first, dissapointed even, but one sleepless night later, im actually in awe. To take take down the

"oh, look at me, I'm Mr Macho Materazi, I used to play for Everton, I like to write crap on my arms with permanent ink"

with consumate ease should not be scoffed at, it required a skill, elegance and sheer utter madnes that should, nay, MUST be admired by all.. Legendary stuff...Absolutley legendary. And the thought of these italian 'heroes' playing in Seria C next season really does turn that frown of mine...up side bloody down.

One thing to note - As cool as his headbut was, I would have much rather he punched him. A solid punch to the chin would have made for better TV.

Conclusion: Matterazi is a cheating racist scumbag and desrved what he got and more. In fact, Matterazi should thank Zizu..10 years from now, he'll be known as the moron who got in the way of Zidane's THAT is a claim to fame.

Zizu Zindabad!